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Internationaler Wettbewerb für Regie und Bühnenbild
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prizes at the finals::

each final team receives a prize at EUR 7.000,-
Ring Award
a commission for a stage production
at Opera House Graz

awarded by the Ring Award Jury
Press Award
donated by the Province of Styria
EUR 3.000,-
Theatre Award
donated by the City of Graz
EUR 3.000,-
Prize of the University of Zürich (EMAA)
awarded by the participants of the
Masterprogramm EMAA
CHF 4.500,-

prizes at the semifinals:

Encouragement Prize
for each semifinal team not entering the finals
EUR 1.750,-
Audience Prize EUR 1.000,-
total amount of the prize money EUR 57.000,-

The juries are entitled not to award prizes.
Cash prizes are awarded in any case.
Wagner Forum GrazTheater, Graz