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update: 08.09.2004

All entries to the Ring Award 05 have arrived!
In spite of the much shorter period between awards (due to the change from a triennial to a biennial rhythm) the number of entries has again increased:

89 teams, consisting of 186 participants

have sent in their conceptions for the International Competition for Stage Direction and Design.

16 of the teams have chosen the category stageXplorer, which means a 50 % increase for the competition’s experimental track; this is particularly welcome development.

A female-male ratio of 104 to 82 demonstrates a striking female advance.

The participants come from 27 different nations and live in 20 different countries. The 26 "Eastern” participants from Bulgaria, Rumania, Bosnia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, the Ukraine and Russia slightly outnumber (by two) the "Western” participants from France, England, Ireland, Spain, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina. The rest are from Central Europe.

The entries are put on display on
Thursday, 9 September 2004, from 5 to 7 p.m.
at the Foyer Galerie of Opernhaus Graz.

The entries will subsequently be studied by the jury and judged during the next few weeks. The 12 winning semifinalist teams will be announced on 25 October 2004. The public semifinals will take place on Sunday, 30 January 2005, at the Montagehalle of Opernhaus Graz.

update: 03.04.2004

Ring Award
The team of stage director and designer develops a complete general concept for the staging of the whole opera “Le nozze di Figaro” and produces drawings for the set or sets, including figurines.

The team of stage director and designer develops a complete general concept, including drawings and figurines, for their musical-theatrical performance that either breaks up the traditional unity of Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro” to transform it into a newly integrated whole, or opens up new perspectives on the work by inviting artists from other artistic fields to join them in developing an innovative multimedial form of theatricality. Maximum duration: 45 minutes.

For details see the full text of the invitation.

submission deadline: 9 August 2004

The jury selects a maximum of ten ring award teams and two stageXplorer teams to enter the second stage of the competition.

The decision will be taken at the end of October 2004.

All submissions will be publicly displayed at the finals.

Those submissions that are not chosen by the jury to enter the second or third stages of the competition may be made available to the general public on the internet if the candidates so wish.
Wagner Forum GrazTheater, Graz